Friday, April 16, 2010

Lap Around .NET 4 with Scott Hanselman

Things were slow at the office today, so I used the free time to catch up on some of the recorded sessions from DevDays 2010. Scott Hanselman’s overview of the new features in .NET 4 is one of the best presentation I have seen about .NET 4 so far. How many presentations include 14,000 generations of monkeys trying to write Shakespeare? Here is the synopsis:

In this session, Scott Hanselman gives a deep and broad tour of the .NET 4 release, with a focus on making your development experience easier. See lots of demos (and very few slides) showcasing the key new features in the .NET Framework 4 including MEF, improvements in ASP.NET, threading, multi-core and parallel extensions, additions to the base classes, changes and additions to the CLR and DLR, what's new for the languages (Visual Basic and C#), and of course, what's new in Windows Presentation Foundation and System.Web. Come and see how all these new features and capabilities improve your overall .NET experience!


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