Friday, March 5, 2010

Slashdot Zoom Fix: a Greasemonkey and Chrome compatible userscript

One of my top ten visited websites is probably Http:// who’s headline is “News for nerds, stuff that matters”. The site usually posts over 20 stories a day covering technology, math, physics, and computer related topics, which help me keep informed and entertained. One problem that I often have is that the text size is very hard to read when using a high resolution monitor or when using the projector that I have setup on a media center computer at home. Usually this is easy to solve, since one of the 11 buttons on my mouse is mapped to the CTRL button and can be combined with the scroll wheel to zoom in and out on web pages quickly. However in this case there are boxes on the right hand side of the screen that also enlarge when the page is zoomed, causing the text width to be smaller and more difficult to read. Here is an article on Slashdot normal and zoomed:

Slashdot Normal
Slashdot Zoomed

The site is designed using CSS and for some reason the advertisement and “Interviews” box will get bigger when the page is zoomed, shrinking the width of the textbox significantly. If you are a registered user Slashdot will not display the ad but will still have a side panel on the right that grows larger when you try and zoom in. I initially created a bookmarklet that could be used to remove the side panel by clicking on a link in my favorites to inject some javascript into the webpage to alter the CSS classes, but that still required that I manually click the button every time that I visit he website.

I planned on making a Google Chrome Extension, but recently Chrome announce that they now will automatically convert Greasemonkey scripts into Chrome Extensions. This means you can write a cross-browser compatible script that can run in Firefox, Chrome or any other browser that supports Greasemonkey scripts. It only took a few minutes to convert the bookmarklet into a userscript, and I posted it on so that anyone can use it. The script will automatically remove the sidebar so that zooming works much better. You can even change the script to automatically zoom a specified amount, however I left this off by default since the right amount highly depends on the width of your screen. Here are the results:

Slashdot Fix Zoom User Script  
Slashdot Fix Zoom User Script (zoomed)


Hopefully someone else will find this useful. I have a few other bookmarklets that I use and will probably convert into userscripts soon, as well as a few new ones that I want to work on when I get some free time.

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Anonymous said...

Neat, I can finally have readable slashdot in a window that doesn't take up the whole screen width.

Your script didn't work for me for some reason, neither in Chrome nor FF, so I ended up using "slashdot slashboxes remover".

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