Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Powershell V2 training videos on Channel 9

If you are a Windows system administrator and are not familiar with Powershell yet, you should be! Even programmers should find a .NET based command shell useful in many situations where they want to test an assembly or use it in a simple script. I just found out that Channel 9 has a PSV2 tag for all of their Powershell V2 videos, which cover different aspects of Powershell in a short video format. These videos don't appear to have a lot of views or comments, but they are definitely good learning material and could use a bit more exposure. Check out this one on Variables, Types, and Operators:


Also if you are using Powershell, I highly recommend using the now free Powershell Analyzer for creating and editing your scripts. I think that it still runs V1 of Powershell, but it is the best IDE that I have worked with so far. The Powershell Plus that replaced it just doesn't fit my needs quite as well.

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