Sunday, September 13, 2009

Learn WPF on a Sunday Morning!

I have been working on a few projects that involve WPF and Silverlight these last few weeks, and I have to say that the learning curve is a bit steeper than I expected. I have worked with Windows Forms and ASP.NET Web Forms for a while and know most of the tricks regarding layout and data binding, but WPF brings a lot of new technology and features into the mix. I had tried to jump straight into Silverlight design using Expressions Blend, but I got lost and overwhelmed in the process. This weekend I took a step back and started with learning WPF, which is the way that applications are designed in Silverlight. There are a lot of great resources, but all I needed to get moving were a few videos from the website. Their series on WPF showed the basics for layout and design options in a simple WPF application. Here are some good videos to get you started:

1. Creating a simple WPF application (10:19)
2. Using XAML in WFP (10:34)
3. Overview of the different layout panels in WPF (14:05)
4. Simple WPF Data Grid Editing using ListView and GridView (31:03)
5. WPF Effects (11:41)
6. Host a WPF Control in a Win32 Application (19:59)

There is plenty more to learn about WPF (Animations, Styles, Video, etc), but this is a great way to get a start using WPF.


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