Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple-Talk article about SQL FOR XML usage

I read a great article from Simple-Talk today about how to use the FOR XML option in Microsoft SQL server. I usually would passively post these to a shared RSS reader feed or star them for future reference, but I found the article through the Red Gate Newsletter and I don't really want to add the entire feed just to share one article. I do however suggest signing up for the newsletter if you are interested in MSSQL, .NET, or Exchange as they often have a lot of good articles about coding in or managing these systems.

Simple-Talk is a service from Red Gate, which creates tools for Exchange, SQL Server and .NET including the .NET Reflector, which is an invaluable tool for anyone using the .NET framework. I use it all the time to help with testing and debugging or when using .NET libraries that have poor user documentation. It even includes add-ins for changing code in .NET assemblies or adding an embedded IronPython console for playing around with objects and methods. Very handy indeed!

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