Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Export Vonage Call Log using IronPython and WatiN

Here is another IronPython script that shows how to use the WatiN testing framework, which is great for testing web pages in Internet Explorer, and it is starting to support Google Chrome and Firefox too. We use WatiN at work for testing the full stack on an ASP.Net website, and it works very well even for AJAX sites. This example will login to Vonage and export all of a user's call data to a CSV format.



Greg Bray said...

NOTE: When using IE 7 on Windows Vista or Win 2008, the use of "Protected Mode" (enabled by default) may cause Watin to open two windows (one blank and one for the target website) and then generate a timeout or element not found error message. In order to get Watin to work with IE7 you have to either uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode" box for the Internet Zone on the Security tab of Internet Options or add the target website to the Trusted zone. This error does not occur on Windows XP or when using IE8.

For more information see the Watin FAQ

virtualpbx logging said...

Call logging is sure a great way to have an extensive record of all calls and transactions made over the phone. This will provide details such as name of caller, time, date, length of the call and result of transaction.

Unknown said...

Can someone confirm that this pulls caller id info and where the call may have been forwarded to? If not, could it be added? I have a real need for this info and could really use help getting this to work on a one time basis for my call data for last year.

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