Friday, March 13, 2009

PowerShell Script for Processing TimeManagment CSV Data

If you are a code geek I highly suggest looking at the An App A Day site to see some cool open source projects that were designed and created in less 24 hours. I have been using the TimeManagment program to create my time cards for a few years now, although because of it's lack of analysis tools I haven't been able to do much else with the data. If you are interested in tracking and analyzing time spent on your computer, RescueTime is much more stable and has many, many more features, but TimeManagment is a great way to create an audit log and do customized tracking.

Even something as simple as creating a time card can be a bit of a pain, since all of the data is stored in a single CSV file. You end up having to open the file in Excel and scan through thousands of lines like these to find what you were doing at any given time:

I finally got fed up with it and created a PowerShell script to do the job for me (including removing 1 hour each day for lunch). Now I can click a button and out pops a nice little report listing my hours for any given date range:

You can see that it is not perfect (It still things that I plan on coming in and working a few hours this weekend. Fat Chance!), but if you are interested here is a link to the PowerShell script file. Should come in handy for anyone else using the TimeManagment program or just interested in processing CSV data files using PowerShell.


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