Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Programs for reading and writing code in different languages

Just a quick post to keep things going. I end up having to read more code than I write, mainly because even when I write code I am usually pulling bits and pieces from old projects. When writing code I always use a full IDE, since I have become dependent on features such as code completion, breakpoints/debugging, and visual designers. For reading code these features are not as important, but code syntax highlighting and region/section collapsing are still very useful. For writing code I use all of the standard IDEs: Visual Studio 2005/2008 for .NET, SQL Management Studio for MS SQL, PowerShell Analyzer or PowerShell Plus for PowerShell, and IronPython Studio for IronPython. For reading code, rather than loading a bulky IDE I have started to use a free program called Notepad++, which supports multiple tabs, region collapsing, and syntax highlighting for a myriad of languages. It works a lot better than reading code in notepad and loads much faster than Visual Studio. Here is a screenshot:

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Greg Bray said...

Just found out that Notepad++ also has the box / rectangle selection features that are in Microsoft Office and Visual Studio. Pressing Alt and using the mouse to select a rectangle area will let you delete or even insert a value into the selected area. It would be nice it they had zero width and full insert support like in the new Visual Studio 2010, but it already works better than Office or other version of Visual Studio that don't let you use insert at all.

Check out more cool Notepad++ features here.

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